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Funding and Data Solutions for Bankruptcy Attorneys and Law Firms

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Unlock cash flow from your $0-down contracts with our advance payments.

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See bankruptcy case filing data by jurisdiction, attorney, chapter, city and much more.


Become more efficient, increase profits, schedule more consults, and maximize lead close rates.

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Don't wait for clients to pay over time.  Get paid now!

  • Grow your "zero down" filings and business

  • Compliant, tested financing solutions

  • Significantly cheaper than competition

  • Strong collecting and client services

  • Transparent real-time payment dashboards

  • Significant industry experience and credentials in the bankruptcy market

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Successful firms know what is going on in their jurisdiction and market.

Nation's Leader in Bankruptcy Data Analytics #bankruptcydata #bankruptcyanalytics
  • Debtor filing heat maps

  • Export dismissed and pro se case lists with debtor addresses to Excel for marketing

  • Trustee assignment trend calendar

  • Case filing data, Chapter 7 and 13

  • Historical data filterable by month, attorney, chapter, ZIP code and MUCH more!

Nation's Leader in Bankruptcy Data Analytics #bankruptcydata #bankruptcyanalytics
Nation's Leader in Bankruptcy Data Analytics #bankruptcydata #bankruptcyanalytics
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We'll show you how to practice better.

Bankruptcy Coaching by Invoygo
  • One-on-one calls with industry leaders

  • Targeted, personalized goal setting 

  • Firm workflow process review

  • Analytics and marketing strategy

  • Access to marketing materials

  • Coaching from national top-filers

  • Access to jurisdiction data analytics

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Your team and clients can easily communicate by setting up calendar events, creating tasks, and uploading documents using our cloud-based portal. Communicate between the the attorney, staff, and client in one integrated system.

Calendar Management

Keep track of events by creating calendar events for yourself, staff and/or clients. 

Task Management

Organize and manage tasks all in one place for yourself, staff and/or clients.

Document Management

Upload documents via a computer or take a picture with a phone. 

Invoygo Communication | Calendar, Document and Task


Upload and manage documents to your clients' accounts. Your clients may also upload documents through their portal, which show up in their account for you to view. Upload documents by using a computer or snap a picture with a phone.

Invoygo Document Management
Invoygo Document Management


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